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venerdì 23 settembre 2011

Official music video "All We Need Is Love" of the finnish rockband Leningrad Cowboys

Leningrad Cowboys - All We Need Is Love from Leningrad Cowboys Official on Vimeo.

Official music video "All We Need Is Love" of the finnish rockband Leningrad Cowboys

Produced by: Pixeleye Interactive,
Directed by: Dirk Behlau & Sakke Järvenpää
Filmed by: Dirk Behlau
Additional footage by: Dominik Brand
Edited by: Dirk Behlau 
Location: Wild at Heart Club - Berlin, Germany,
Dancers outfits by: Valena Fürstenberg of Ponymädchen,
Song: "All we need is love", taken from the album "Buena Vodka Social Club"
Filmed with: Canon 7D

The ultimate cult band is back! Once known from Aki Kaurismäki's movies as "the worst rock-and-roll band in the world" is now very likely the best. The best is sharp on top and below. Leningrad Cowboys are the best, just check out the hair and the shoes, no competition, harasoo. To discover this, all you have to do is to listen to the new album and go to see the show. Buena Vodka Social Club! Never Drink Alone! The new album is their first studio album with original songs since 2000. It took that long to build this mixture of different music styles and sounds to be a complete album. Buena Vodka Social Club is not an ordinary album in any way. It has influences and flavors from many different genres, all mixed into a soup that only this band knows how to cook.

The band's mainly known for their unique live shows, during the 20+ years they have performed more than 1000 shows in more than 60 countries. They have produced massive joint concerts with the Red Army Choir, confused audiences at the MTV Music Awards, performed with classical orchestras and played in hundreds of festivals and clubs around the world. Thank You Very Many!

Leningrad Cowboys are:
Ville Tuomi: Lead Vocals
Sakke Järvenpää: Vocals
Varre Vartiainen: Guitar
Pauli Hauta-aho: Guitar
Timo Tolonen: Bass
Sami Järvinen: Drums
Okke Komulainen: Keyboards, Accordion
Tume Uusitalo: Vocals, Guitar
Pemo Ojala: Trumpet, Mitten
Pope Puolitaival: Saxophone
Jay Kortehisto: Trombone
Anna Sainila: Dancer, Vocals
Hanna Moisala: Dancer, Vocals

Official Leningrad Cowboys website:

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