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lunedì 18 aprile 2011

Le Pin Up del giorno - 18/04/2011

 This is Whitney - from the Clarksville TN Red River Sirens Roller Derby team.  I was fortunate enough to photograph the team, and was going for a pin-up style for the girls.  Whitney definitely came prepared!

sanvonzombie: Lindy Sue
aw! lindy sue did my hair and makeup for one of my photoshoots! I love her! shes such a sweet heart! And her boyfriend (who now plays in hard fall hearts, upright) and my boy are like buddies!

 My name is Tiffany aka “Battlecat” from Paso Robles CA. This picture is girls with glasses get no passes…..taken by Denae Gomez of Paso Robles CA

Jaclene Danielle
Victory Girl
Malak Photography
 Sabina Kelley by Ama Lea Photo

A Sensualcide original.
Model: Cameron A’lise Rodgers
MUA: Kaia Bellanca aka ohgodkaia
Hair: Amanda Tipps
Location: Dallas, Texas

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