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giovedì 14 luglio 2011

July News from David Lozeau

Eye for an Eye
I painted this 9 x 12 cradled clayboard with various shades of brown acrylics to create a rough, crackled surface.
The underpainting was achieved with white gouache and only rare strokes of yellow and red, while all of the detailing was painted with brown enamel.
For the custom frame, I wanted to keep it simple, but also bring in elements of the one-eyed Pope's garments, so I routered and painted red channels in the side panels and then aged, painted, and stripped the wood before staining it and affixing rusty clavos to the corners.

Flamenco Peligroso
I finished this flamenco painting a few weeks ago, but wasn't able to build the frame until the long holiday weekend.
My 18 x 36 cradled clayboard was painted with light blue enamel and then accented with dark blue filigree at the top and bottom to achieve a simple, feminine background, and then painted the surface with brown acrylics to create an aged feel.
The underpainting for the traditional, yet deadly bailarína was created with white and red gouache and then all of the line work was done in a custom blue enamel.
I built the dual frame with a combination of woods that I routered, aged, painted, stripped, and stained to take on the appearance of an old-timey wall hanging and then permanently mounted the painting inside so it became one unified piece.

Original Sin
I painted this 16 x 20 oval canvas with watery brown acrylic ink to achieve a hectic, splintered effect in the background, but one that wouldn't compete with the religious skeleton characters in the foreground.
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