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giovedì 7 luglio 2011

Le Pin Up del giorno - 07/07/2011

Roughly 9 hours drawing
Modeling by the lovely Miss Ginger Snap and the ‘36 ford coupe proudly displayed by Jimmy Swede of Fernandez Motors.

“Garage Beauty”
Model: Lynn Marie Wertman
Photographer: Jesse Murch Photography
More work on or find me on facebook
at Jesse Murch Photography
Dolly Lamour by Daniele Mora.
Join my page if you want to see more and keep in touch :) (coming soon!)
Lots of love - Dolly xxx
Photography, Makeup and Hair by Lady Luxe out of Monterey Californina.
Model: Sarah Lee
Want to see more?! Go to Lady Luxe on Facebook!
Little Lolita Lux
Car: King Dado and Kallisto Killer
Photo: UVUDU? Imaging
Make-up: Crystal Doughtie
Hair: Me
Little Lolita Luxe: Hood Ornament
Photo by: La Photographie-Stephanie Saujon Baltz
Make-up: Crystal Doughtie
Hair: Me
Car: King Dado and Kallisto Killer!

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