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mercoledì 26 ottobre 2011

Le Pin Up del giorno - 26/10/2011
Model: Sabrina Sin
Photographer: Vara Pappas
Make Up & Hair: Angel Jagger 
Jessica Lynn Gahring of NY, Ink.,
by Lorraine Murphy,
with MUA Genn Shaughnessy,
Model: Drop Dead Gorgeous MUAH
MUAH/Photography: ShannonToy
Shannon Toy
Licensed by The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

Re inventing persona’s over the past 23 years since studing Cosmetology in High School 1988, Shannon Toy is a Master Specialist of Redken School of Studies and updates her talent with every opportunity she has. She spent over 4 years in the Music Industry and has rubbed elbows with many styles of people. Her “Ah-Ha’ moment was when she said “Go With What You Know.”  Her Vintage style of dress show us who this person really is. After working with many talented photographers, she has sprouted wings and is now in control of the entire process. Hair, makeup, wardrobe, photography and editing brings her high quality excellence to You.
Miggie Lou by Roy Varga with Muah Dynamite Nicky!
Le Pin Up del giorno è un servizio offerto in collaborazione con
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